Hazuki Shinonome
Hazuki Shinonome thumb
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Affiliation Food Research Club
Status Alive
Occupation Teacher
Relatives Satsuki Shinonome (Sister)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Hazuki Shinonome thumb


Hazuki is a 23-year-old teacher at Takafuji Academy. She is Satsuki's older sister and is the adviser for Shokken. She often drinks beer in the clubroom of Shokken. She secretly loves Yuki. She initially believed she was the daughter of her father's first wife, but she later discovers that she is in fact the illegitimate daughter of her father's then-mistress. Her father's first wife later dies and he marries his mistress, who later gives birth to Satsuki. Upon realizing this, Hazuki became depressed and left the family.


She has wavy brown hair that goes down to her chest, and with a little piece of hair sticking out on the top left of her scalp. Her hair parts at the left with straight bangs all the way to the right. She wears a light green jacket with a white undershirt, and a short matching colored skirt with a brown and yellow belt.