Age 17
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Height 158cm (5'2)
Affiliation Research Club
Status Alive
Occupation Head of Research Club
Relatives Daiki (Brother)

Yuuki Oojima (Boyfriend most likely due to the kiss at the end of the series)

First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Eriko Nakamura

Chisato is a sophomore at the Academy and Takafuji is the childhood of Yuki. She is the president of the Research Club. Chisato does not like chocolates, due to the death of her younger brother who likes chocolate.


She's only 158 cm (5 ft 2in). Chisato has green eyes, and Strawberry blonde hair with 2 small pigtails with the rest of the hair down past her waist. She wears the female Takafuji Academy uniform, and wears it with pride!


Chisato secretly had feelings for Yuuki ever since the 1st episode, though at first it isn't love but more of as a replacement for her deceased brother, Daiki. She has the capabilities of being a good leader hence being the campaign manager of Yuuki during the student council election.

Relationships Edit

Daiki Sumiyoshi Edit

This is her little brother that died when she was little and can't eat chocolate until she was forced to eat it by Yuuki.

Yuuki Oujima Edit

When Chisato's brother dies, she unintentionally uses Yuuki as his replacement and makes him promise to always be with her. She always repented that she couldn't make him happy while Daiki was alive. This was when she met Yuuki as a child and gave him chocolate. At the end of the anime she kisses him. It can be implied that they became a couple later.